16.-17.4.2024 – Next Master of Science of Parquet Restorers – It is great to be able to share your knowledge and experience with future Masters of Science in the professional field of Parquet Restoration. The desire to learn, to try, to discover the know-how of old historical techniques, which, by the way, can be used for modern design and creation. This is the shared knowledge that is already making the students of this course Masters in the field already.
Thank you for being able to pass on my knowledge 👊🏻👍🏻
Lars Wildermann – Regina Fraunhofer – Felix Bauer – Klaus Bauer – Martin Hopsch – Georg Killer – Angie Kranl – Martin Kranl – Michaela Reichlová – René Caran – Christian Ki Ller – Propstei Johannesberg GmbH

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