Dear friends, these days we made a decision that our association WORKCAMP PARQUET will not participate in the organization of the project in Valladolid. This project is now fully under the organizational responsibility of Emilio and his colleagues. For information on this project, please contact Emilio directly now. René and Michaela for WORKCAMP PARQUET

Day Reporter Fino Oficio – 1 day

Day reporter Fino Reporter day 1 at Workcamp Parquet by Fino Oficio Ao longo do dia vamos fazer vários vidros em Português para que os nossos conterrâneos possam acompanhar este projecto maravilhoso. Obrigado por nos acompanharem nesta viagem… We are making the reporter day 1 Workcamp Parquet and we will post throughout the day several videos not only in Portuguese but also in English for all our followers around the world.

What’s going on?

What’s going on? The first images from the preparation for the upcoming project WORKCAMP PARQUET 2023, Bishop’s Palace Gyor, Hungary. Soon, 1.- 9.09.2033 – 32 parquet workers from all over the world will meet in these rooms to restore the floor in this palace. Now, colleagues and friends from Hungary are recycling the existing wooden floor into baseboards for the future parquets. Zoltán Molnár René Caran Stáb Parketta Budapest – Veszprém – Diósd Swiss Parkett […]

Planed work in Hungary 2023

During WORKCAMP PARQUET 2023 in Hungary, we will produce and lay replicas of castle parquets according to the pattern in the next room. We will make replicas of the castle parquets on the spot and then lay them in the traditional way by hammering them to the plank base layer. We will use parquet wax for the surface treatment. During the workcamp, we will also insert the coat of arms of the palace into the parquet […]