… If anyone happens to think, that the organizing Team WORKCAMP PARQUET is active only in summer (and in winter like a bear sleeping), it is a big mistake !!  😁😁 We are preparing beautiful projects for you for the coming years.

Thank you to our great AMBASADOR’s, who give great love and heart to finding building objects.  Thanks to this, in the spring of 2023, Zoltán will welcome us to a beautiful building in Hungary.  The fall of 2023 will be English.  Near London, Corey found a beautiful object for us.  For the spring of 2024, we are preparing a repetition of the Czech language here in the Czech Republic.  And in the autumn of 2024, a beautiful metropolis full of traditions awaits us – Moscow.  Kiril and Mikhail found beautiful parquet floors for repair in one Museum. In the spring of 2025 we will move from Russia to Vienna, Austria.  From there we will go for Emilio and his building in Spain in the autumn. From Spain it is a short distance to the USA.  And we will sail across the ocean in 2026. If there is one project on board to the USA, we will leave it open…

And what awaits us this year?  Our Italian ambassador Pietro Corao will inform us about this these days.

So we have a beautiful and full program.  We believe that the projects will also appeal to some manufacturing companies in the field who can become our sponsors.  Pass the list of our projects to your suppliers so that they can also become part of our beautiful, international and legendary project of friendship and sharing – WORKCAMP PARQUET.

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