WORKCAMP PARQUET – for the international youth parquet layers!

The WORKCAMP PARQUET is one of many special attractions for the skilled trades at DOMOTEX 2020. Located in Hall 13 at Treffpunkt Handwerk (the skilled trades corner), the Parquet Work Camp, with its many different live activities, will present itself as a promising non-profit initiative to attract and promote young European parquet craftspeople.The WORKCAMP PARQUET – dedicated to training young people working in the parquet and flooring trade in the spirit of international volunteer activism – is registered in the Czech Republic. However, aspects like intercultural exchange and promotion of the craft are also close to the hearts of the association’s two volunteer founders, Rene Caran and Michaela Reichlova. People who take part in the WORKCAMP PARQUET will also get the opportunity to get to know life, work and leisure in new cultures and engage with peers from around the globe. In the past four years since the WORKCAMP PARQUET was founded, restoration projects have been launched in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and – most recently – in Poland at Brzeg Castle, with Belgium, Russia, Portugal and Hungary to follow.

DOMOTEX shines international spotlight on WORKCAMP PARQUET

But before these projects take shape, young craftspeople will be getting together on a large demo site at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover to really kick up the action with several special events aimed not only at promoting a good cause, but also recruiting young people as well as potential sponsors. This is because the work camps are usually financed by partners from the retail trade and industry, whose contributions help cover the cost of tools and materials as well as overnight accommodations and meals, thus allowing young people to take part in projects against payment of a modest 50-euro fee. In the spirit of intercultural European exchange, the happenings in Hannover are sure to spark interest among potential next-generation parquet layers. But there are naturally also experienced master craftspeople involved in supporting every project. At DOMOTEX 2020, visitors from around the globe can not only get an up-close look at what the Parquet Work Camp is about, but also learn more about the network of European parquet colleagues that has already arisen from the camp’s activities. This makes DOMOTEX 2020 the ideal venue for any prospective parquet layer who wants to generate new contacts and gather experience with international peers. From Friday, 10 January, to Sunday, 12 January, the WORKCAMP PARQUET at Treffpunkt Handwerk in Hall 13 will be providing a rich program of entertaining shows and valuable orientation on making the best possible use of materials and machinery.

Annette Levy, Deutsche Messe

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