Program - WORKCAMP PARQUET 2020 Czech Republic, Vizovice Chateau


Production of castle parquets by hand, without electrical machines
Laying and surface treatment

Workshops and seminars

Hand forging nails, Tomáš Blažíček, artistic blacksmith
Historical wood finishes, Luděk Dvořák, restorer, National Open-Air Museum
Historical adhesive, Luděk Dvořák, restorer, National Open-Air Museum
From the History of Castle Parquets in Bohemia, PhDr. Martin Ebel, Ph.D., Director of the Department of the Museum of Architecture and Civil Engineering, NTM


Excursion to the Vizovice chocolate factory
Guided tour of Vizovice Castle
Concert of a harpist in the castle chapel
Excursion company KOMA Modular
Excursion Luhačovice
European evening, City of Vizovice
Cooking spaghetti with Pietro Corrao