What we are doing this year?

Restoration of historic parquets is not done by an ordinary parquet company every day and without the current electric one tools it's a challenge. A challenge for heartthrobs and lovers of traditional parquet craft. Mastering traditional methods is the basis for further successful craftsmanship, creativity and design. Innovation through tradition is the motto of this year.

We will restore the parquets in the large hall of the castle near Brussels. In order for the result of the work to be as authentic as possible, it is necessary to provide the right material and the necessary hand tools for repairs of historic parquets from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. The restoration itself should be carried out using technologies and tools that were used at the time of parquet production.
Restored parquets, due to their historical value and because the base is in order, we definitely do not want to dismantle the entire area. We will perform all work directly on the parquet floors. A number of experienced parquet floorers from all over the world will take part in this challenging task. They are often third or fourth generation parqueters. They will be a great support for colleagues who are going to the restoration for the first time. The transfer of knowledge and traditions is one of the main goals of the WORKCAMP PARQUET project. We will carry out the repairs themselves using hand chisels and grooving planers. We will clean up the space to complete the missing part of the parquet and make it from historical parquets in order to preserve the temporal integrity and optics of the restored areas. Glue the part made with hand tools into the prepared space with a mixture of bone and skin glue. After the repairs are completed, the parquets will be manually scraped with a special sensor. a
4.-11.9.2021 | Brussels region, Belgium
Project theme: restoration of historic parquet at the castle
Where: Groot-Bijgaarden Castle

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